Essay on killer whales in captivity

Is the trainer at fault or the killer whale? Got a writing question? Audience Adaptation: How many of you have been to sea world? Orcas are known to be one of the smartest mammals. These whales live in tanks of artificial salt water. According to The humane society: Abuse can include things such as isolation, deprivation of necessary sustenance and injury. There have been over 100 documented attacks in captivity, but no human deaths from orcas have been recorded in the wild. Tilikum, the largest orca in captivity, is the chief sperm source of seaworld, and activists believe his value as a stud is the main reason why seaworld will not release him back into the wild. The most recent occurred in 2010, when Tilikum allegedly grabbed his trainer, dawn Brancheau, by her hair and dragged her underwater. While kept in captivity, killer whales are forced to do many tricks they normally wouldnt do in the wild. These parks can create unforgettable experiences that far eclipse viewing killer whales perform in a tank. They are unable to communicate with each other or form social relationships as they would in the wild. 3:29, can killer whales be in captivity safely?

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essay on killer whales in captivity

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Central Idea: Holding killer whales in captivity is a harmful problem to the mammal that requires action from both the government and the public. In captivity, tanks are made of solid concrete, which causes sound waves to bounce off the walls, making it impossible essay for orcas to locate food or navigate using echolocation. Fresh water however there is no way this can replicate the richness of natural water from the oceans where the wild favourite populations live. Many male orcas have a collapsed dorsal fin, it is because they have no space to swim freely and are feed an unnatural diet of thawed dead fish. Preview of main points, today it is my goal to persuade you that holding Killer Whales in captivity is an act of abuse. 952 Words 4 Pages, to hold a killer Whale in Captivity is to Abuse that Animal. Essay on Killer Whales In Captivity. Whales range in size from the blue whale. Captivity of Killer Whales Essay - 1541 Words

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According to marine biologist Jacques cousteau, there is about as much educational benefit to be gained in studying dolphins in captivity resume as there would be studying mankind by only observing prisoners held in solitary confinement. Orca Whales: Captive or Free? As I child and once more after i visited the sea world in San Antonio. In recent years, numerous attacks on humans by captive killer whales have been documented. It can also be a sign of depression. He then took off from the side of the tank, came back, and picked her up from around the waist and began to violently shake her. To place a killer whale in captivity is to abuse that animal, and in our society, animal abuse is wrong.

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To hold a killer Whale in Captivity is to Abuse that

An orphan. @trek79 Well, i dont agree totally or maybe i just dont understand what you mean :-).

The stress of captivity can drive orcas and essay other marine mammals to display neurotic behaviors that, understandably enough, can lead to tragic consequences, says Elliot Katz, president of In Defense of Animals, an animal welfare advocacy group. For several years, Americans have been visiting amusement parks, like seaworld and Six Flags, to observe large animals like orcas, also known as killer whales. All cetaceans have forelimbs modified as fins, a tail with horizontal flukes, and nasal openings (blowholes) on top of the head. The first orca held in captivity lasted one day; she swam around her enclosure at high speeds, ramming into the sides of her tank. But now, Im not very convinced you have to but if you choose to it is after all your prerogative. Science has confirmed that in captivity, dolphins and whales suffer from high mortality rates, low breeding success and may endure physical and psychological disorders. The pool is usually only 80 feet long. Studies show, that in the wild orcas estimated maximum lifespan is 60 to 70 years for males and 80 to over 100 years old for females. In the wild, killer whales typically travel in pods of between five and. Tilikum, whose stage name is Shamu at seaworld Orlando, weighs 12,000 pounds, and Brancheau was one of their most experienced trainers. Some species, such as the white whale, or beluga, may travel upstream in large rivers. Birds wings may be clipped so that they cannot fly, aquatic animals often go without adequate water, and many animals who naturally live in large herds or family groups are kept isolated. Although his immediate cause of death was drowning, the report states that the fundamental cause was mechanical asphyxiation due to compression and crushing of the thoracic abdomen with injuries to the vital organs.

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  • Essay on killer whales in captivity
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    This shows that keeping the orcas in captivity can end. Can learn from seeing killer whales in captivity is that.

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    Killer Whales in Captivity Essay - after watching several documentaries on how poorly killer whales are treated in captivity, it drew me into researching more information on the treatment of, killer whales that are kept in captivity. To hold a killer Whale in Captivity is to Abuse that Animal Essay 952 Words 4 Pages to hold a killer Whale in Captivity is to Abuse that Animal Introduction:. Attention Getter According to national geographic, in the wild, killer Whales are accustomed to traveling distances of up to 100 miles per day.

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    Killer Whales Kept in Captivity Essay 1469 Words 6 Pages; Whales in Captivity Essay 1384 Words 6 Pages; Essay on Animals in Captivity 2418 Words 10 Pages; Killing the killer Whale Essay 659 Words 3 Pages; Born Free: Killer Whales Essay 1185 Words 5 Pages;. All of these factors lead to a decrease in the lifespan of killer whales in captivity. Killer whales should not be kept.

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    Captivity of Killer Whales Essay. Are you looking for phrases to promote your business? 20 Writing Tips from Fiction Authors.

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